Titan Bitcoin Security


Absolute Confidence

The most important aspect of Titan Bitcoins is the absolute confidence you can have in their security.   It’s an unfortunate truth, but the number of internet criminals and malicious hackers out there is growing and Bitcoins, like any other form of wealth storage, are a natural target for theft.  The first thing we set out to do when creating the Titan Bitcoin system was to make sure it would be UNBREAKABLE. We don’t use the word unbreakable lightly, either.  Our ability to keep your investment in Titan Bitcoins secure is SO important to us that we offer this simple, no nonsense 110% guarantee:

If ANY customer of ours ever loses money because of a security breach in our system, we will refund 110% of their loss.

We’re not messing around.  Here’s why we’re so confident in the security of Titan Bitcoins…

Coin registration (Two-factor Authentication)

The most effective security measure of Titan Bitcoins is our coin registration system.  By registering each coin to an email address and password, Titan Bitcoin owners have a strong measure of protection.  In order to redeem a Titan Bitcoin, you’ll need three things:

  1. The coin’s unique redemption code, concealed underneath the hologram.
  2. Access to the email address registered to the coin
  3. The password the coin was registered to.

At first glance, this may seem like a bit too much.  However, after taking a closer look, this setup provides some very valuable peace of mind.  Here are a few examples of how this system comes in handy.

Let’s say that you keep your Titans stored away in a bank vault for years.  Then, sometime in the future, a counterfeit version of your coin is created and sold.  You need not worry about your investment’s safety.  In this scenario, only the owner of the genuine Titan Bitcoin will ever be able to redeem the coin’s value.  This is simply because they will be the only one who has access to the email address and password that the coin is registered to.

Another possible scenario is the unfortunate case of a burglar breaking in and stealing your Titan Bitcoins.  Again, unless they have access to the email address and password that your coin was registered to, the bitcoins themselves are still safe.   In fact, you can report a theft to our security team and the coins in question will be deactivated, leaving the crook with goods that are flagged as stolen.  For a nominal fee, we’ll even transfer the value of your stolen coin to a replacement coin and send it out to you.

This “Two-factor authentication” provided by our coin registration keeps your investment very secure indeed.


Everything is Encrypted

Encryption is basically just a fancy way of saying that things are kept secret, and we keep everything secret.  EVERYTHING.

Any information that we store related to our coins, or the identity of their owners, is kept completely secret using a cutting-edge, encrypted data storage system.  This system goes well above and beyond the security you’ll find on the average internet storefront.

The computers that run our website issue decryption keys to the visitors and users of the site on a limited, need-to-know basis, relying on progressive layers of authentication. The details are pretty technical, but in basic terms, your information is unreadable without the correct password.  This means that, even if a criminal were able to break into our web servers, bypass all other security measures and actually copy our information…it would be absolutely worthless to them without a complete set of passwords, or decryption keys.  Not even our staff has access to these passwords, as they’re stored offline in an undisclosed location.  In other words, it would be easier to rob Fort Knox than crack our encryption.


“Cold Storage” of bitcoins

The term “cold storage” refers to the practice of keeping digital information offline, securely backed up and safe from any threat of loss.  Cold storage for the Titan Mint means that we keep all of our digital currency in computers that are both physically and digitally protected.

Physically, the computer drives where we store our bitcoins are kept under lock and key, backed up in multiple physical locations and across a handful of different media types.  This means that even in the case of a natural disaster at out headquarters that wiped out all of our local computers, the bitcoins we’ve assigned to our coins will be just fine.  Digitally, our bitcoins are protected because the drives that store them are never used on computers that have access to the internet.  There is no way for a computer virus to make its way into our system, because the computers we use to process bitcoin transactions are both physically and digitally isolated.

For those of you that understand the bitcoin network in a little more detail, our online wallets that report transactions to the network can only generate “unsigned transactions”.  About a dozen times every day, we transfer our unsigned transaction keys onto secure, offline machines and then confirm the details before signing the transaction.  We then physically bring those signed transaction keys back to one of our online computers to broadcast the transactions to the bitcoin network.  Our information architecture was designed with the help of “white-hat” ethical hackers to ensure that we have considered every known exploit, both code-based and social engineering based.   The bottom-line is that we’re vigilantly interested in protecting the bitcoins that we have in our care.


Tough, long-lasting Web Servers

Sometimes security has more to do with thinking ahead then reacting to threats.  We want to make sure that you’ll always be able to check up on the value of your Titan Bitcoins by visiting our website.  This means that the computers running this website are pretty tough.  They are powerful servers and we keep them up to date with the latest secure software.  We’ve also got lots of them, all over the place.  We affectionately refer to our family of servers as “The Titan Cloud”.  If one goes down for some reason, the others are just waiting to jump in and carry the load.  We’re also fairly wise to the bag-of-tricks that internet criminals are using these days.  Rest assured that if our website is ever down, it will be back up within a VERY short period of time.  Lastly, for your peace of mind, even if the Titan Mint decided to stop selling Titan Bitcoins tomorrow for some reason, we’ve set aside enough resources to keep the Titan Cloud running for at least another thirty years.  In other words, regardless of what happens to bitcoins as currency, you can count on us to be around for a while.

 Security of Private Key Coins

Anytime a website, or company, has access to the private keys associated with a bitcoin address, it means that they have access to move the bitcoins that are stored at that address.   During the manufacturing process of making Titan bitcoins that include a private key underneath the hologram, we create and print the 30-digit code which is required for a Titan Bitcoin owner to redeem that coin’s value.  This 30-digit code is EXTREMELY sensitive information and we protect it with a three part security policy: Data Safety, Secure Storage, and Access control

Data safety.   The computers and printers used to create those redemption codes are permanently offline, and any hardware that would enable them to get online has been disabled or removed.  Once a redemption code has been printed, all digital records of the full 30-digit code are securely erased.  This includes securely wiping and overwriting the hard drives of the computers used to generate the codes as well as clear the temporary memory on the printers used to print them.  If a misprint occurs and a code is reprinted, the misprints are destroyed immediately.  The ONLY COPY of that 30-digit code is the one that resides underneath the hologram on our private key coins.

Secure Storage.  We create private keys on-demand as required.  As such, we avoid storing printed codes whenever possible.  Our goal is to minimize any opportunities for the codes to be exposed to anyone, including our staff.  This means that they are generally printed immediately before being placed underneath the holograms of the coins they are being assigned to.  However, even an assembled coin represents a possible vulnerability.  Once our private key coins have been assembled and sealed in their protective cases, they are securely stored under lock and key at an undisclosed location.  We treat storage of private key coins with the same care and policy that we us for the precious metal bullion in our keeping.

Access Control.  After the codes are printed, and before they are assembled underneath a hologram, there are people that handle the printed private keys.  Our coins are assembled under supervision and surveillance, and each coin is given a time stamp in our production logs which records when the coin was assembled and who was involved in its assembly.  Access to work on private key coin assembly is limited to individuals that have proven that they can show the utmost attention to detail and are aware the security risks associated with handling private keys.  Our staff feels the needs and concerns of the growing bitcoin community on our shoulders and we care deeply for the integrity of products we produce.


If you have questions or concerns about the security of Titan Bitcoins, or any tips on how we might improve, feel free to send us an email at