Redeem your Coin
Each Titan Bitcoin is like a collectible gift card for bitcoins. The coin's value can be redeemed at any time. Follow these simple steps to transfer the value of your Titan Bitcoin directly to your bitcoin wallet.
NOTE: These instructions are for Two-Factor Titan Bitcoins. For instructions on redeeming private key Titan Bitcoins please go HERE.
Step 1: Write down your coin ID.
The Coin ID is an 8-digit code on the back of your coin as seen in the picture above. It's very important that you write this code down before you go any further, as the code may be destroyed or become unreadable when you peel off the security seal.
Step 2: Peel off the Seal
The hologram on the back of your Titan Bitcoin is a security seal. It will be destroyed when it is removed.
Step 3: Find the redemption code
Once you've removed the security seal, look for the 8-digit code printed onto a piece of plastic hidden underneath the seal. Do not lose this code, as the coin's value cannot be redeemed without it.
Step 4: Enter your Information Below
Redemption code:
Coin ID:
Coin Email:
Coin Password:
Bitcoin Wallet Address: