How to Redeem Private Key Titan Bitcoins


Step 1:  Peel off the security hologram


Step 2:  Write down the 30-digit private key


Step 3:  Sweep the key into your wallet of choice

We recommend because it’s relatively easy to use.  If you don’t have a wallet, you can create one here:   The instructions below start from the screen you’ll see when you log in to your wallet.


Sweeping, or importing private keys is done in the Import/ Export area of the wallet.  Click on the “Import/Export” link, circled in the image below.




When you load the import/ export tab, issues a warning that this is a more technical area of your wallet.  Click the “I Understand” button seen in the image below.



Once you’ve clicked to continue, asks for you to enter your password one more time.  Enter it in the area highlighted below and click “Continue” once more.



You’re now in the import/export section of your wallet.  There are a variety of functions that can be done here, but we only care about importing, or more appropriately “sweeping” a private key into your wallet.  Enter the 30-digit private key from your coin into the form, as shown below, and click the “Add Private Key” button.

redeem_private_key_titan_bitcoin_4 will show you the address associated with your private key, along with the amount of BTC stored at that address.    You also need to choose whether to either import or “sweep” your BTC to your wallet’s address.  Unless you have a very good reason to do otherwise, ALWAYS choose to sweep a private key into your wallet.  This transfers the value to a new address in your wallet which prevents the theft of your BTC if for some reason someone else got access to the 30-digit private key from your coin.  Click the “Sweep Key” button as shown below.


Your Titan Bitcoin’s value has now been transferred to your wallet.  You can confirm the transfer by noting your wallet’s new balance, as seen in the image below.  Because the process of sweeping a private key into your wallet requires a transaction on the bitcoin blockchain, a small transaction fee will be charged.  In this example, the fee was 0.0001 BTC, which was about 7 cents.

redeem_private_key_titan_bitcoin_6 is one of the more popular bitcoin wallets around.  It’s a convenient option with a lot of features available.  However, please be aware that web-based wallets come with security concerns.  The safest place to keep your bitcoins for long-term storage is in a wallet that is backed up and offline.

For questions or concerns about redeeming your Titan Bitcoins, please contact us at: